Responsibility Towards Growth


At Kogta Financial (India) Limited, we believe everyone has a right to clean and safe drinking water for good health. Keeping this belief in mind, we contributed towards the preparation of sheltered drinking water facility and installation of water cooler at Bijainagar School, Rajasthan. Through this intervention, we aim to provide drinking water facilities to children coming from nearby districts and to the local communities to ensure sound health and welfare for all.


Promoting education to enhance livelihoods has always been at theheart of our CSR agenda. We envision providing a safe and conducive environment for child education and nurture holistic development. Towards this, we made a donation to a school situated in Pushkar, Rajasthan. Focus is on enabling the young ones to grow into capable, responsible, educated and self-sufficient citizens.

GAU SEVA - (Caring for Cows)

As supporters of the welfare of cows and their protection from being sent to slaughter houses, we contributed to their upkeep at a shelter which provides them with food and cares for them. The dual benefit of this activity is that it also provided livelihoods to people undertaking these activities.

Cricket for the Underprivileged

We believe that playing sports builds character and enhances self-confidence. We focus on promoting cricket, a sport that is loved by the entire nation, by actively participating in training youth from underprivileged communities.