Our Team

Our Company has been founded by visionaries, who have intrinsically built its platform for the new generation that is committed to delivering high growth. Kogta Financial is supported by a lean management team who functions with well-defined roles. This enables a focussed approach with organisation-wide common goals...

Radha Krishan Kogta

Mr. Radha Krishan Kogta


Arun Kogta

Mr. Arun Kogta

Managing Director & CEO

Varun Kogta

Mr. Varun Kogta

Whole Time Director & CFO

P.R. Kalyanaraman

Mr. P.R. Kalyanaraman

Independent Director

Bhama Krishnamurthy

Ms. Bhama Krishnamurthy

Independent Director

Amit Mehta

Mr. Amit Mehta

Investor Nominee Director

Arjun Saigal

Mr. Arjun Saigal

Investor Nominee Director

Nayan Kogta

Mr. Nayan Kogta


Rahul Agrawal

Mr. Rahul Agrawal

CS & Compliance Officer

Shobhit Nawal

Mr. Shobhit Nawal

VP Finance

Puneet Jain

Mr. Puneet Jain

Chief Strategy Officer