S.No. Particulars Amount
A. Loan Origination Charges  
1 Processing Fees As Per Product & Borrower Profile
2 Stamp Duty As Per Applicable State Law
3 ROC Charge Creation Charges Rs. 5,000/- Per Registration
4 CERSAI Charge Creation Charges Rs. 300/- Per Registration
5 Legal Charges ( Including Title Investigation Report ) Rs. 3,000/- Per  Report
6 Valuation Charges Rs. 3,000/- Per Report
7 RCU Charges Rs. 1,200 Per Instance
8 Additional Collateral Charges Max. Rs. 3,500/- for each Additional Asset
9 Insurance Charges ( if Opted ) Rs. 1,200 Per Instance
B Loan Servicing Charges  
10 Late Payment Interest ( for The Loans Disbursed till March 31, 2024 ) 36% P.A. on Defaulted Amount for The Period of Default
11 Overdue EMI Interest ( for The Loans to Be Disbursed on and After April 01, 2024 ) As Per Contractual Annualized Rate of Interest on Defaulted Amount for The Period of Dafault
12 Bank Charges As Per Actual
13 Cheque/ACH/ECH Collection Charges Rs. 500/- Per Instance
14 Cheque Swap/Replacement Charges  Rs. 500/- Per Instance
15 Collection Follow Up Telecalling Fees Rs. 100/- Per Instance
16 Field Visit Fees for Collection Follow Up Rs. 500/- Per Instance
17 Collection Communication Letter Fees Rs. 200/- Per Instance
18 Cash Collection Charge Rs. 500/- Per Instance
19 Reimbursement of Collection/ Travelling/ Legal/ Recovery/ Parking/ Repossession/ Other Charge  As Per Actual Expenditure
20 Foreclosure Pre-Termination Charges 5% ( in Loan Against Property, MSME Loans, Un secured Loans), 7% ( in Vehicle Loans Including Industrial Machinery Loans) 
21 Foreclosure Value Statement Charges Rs. 500/- Per Instance
22 Amortization Table Charge Rs. 500/- Per Instance
23 Duplicate/ Additional NOC Rs. 1000/- Per Instance
24 Duplicate Repayment Schedule Rs. 500/- Per Instance
25 Loan Cancellation/Rebooking Charges Rs. 2,100/- for Vehicle Loans and Rs. 5000/- for MSME Loans, Loan Against Property
C Penal Charges for Non Compliance of Material Terms & Conditions   
26 Penal Charges ( For The Loans to be Disbursed on and After April 01, 2024) 24% P.A. on Defaulted Amount for The Period of Default
27 Cheque Bounce/ECH or ACH Dishonor Charges Rs. 750/- Per Instance
28 EMI Default Charges Rs. 250/- Per EMI for Each Completed Month
29 Delay in Hypothecation Charges Rs. 2000/- Per Instance


# All of above charges, duties & fees are exclusive of all types of taxes charged by Government, Semi-Government or any other concerned authorities. The Company has sole discretion to make any subsequent changes and/or modifications in any or all charges mentioned above, from time to time, as per Company Policy.