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Valuation Report

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The Valuation reflects the independent views of the Valuation Agent. It is expressly stated that the valuation is not the view of the Issuer or its affiliates. The Issuer has not reviewed the Valuation and is not responsible for the accuracy of the Valuations. The Valuations provided by the Valuation Agent, and made available on the website of the Issuer and the Valuation Agent do not represent the actual price that may be received upon sale or redemption of the Debentures. They merely represent the Valuation Agent's computation of the valuation which may in turn be based on several assumptions. The Valuations provided by the Valuation Agent may include the use of models of the Valuation Agent (that may be different from the proprietary models used by the Issuer and / or the Issuer's calculation agent) and consequently, valuations provided by other parties (including the Issuer and / or the calculation agent) may be significantly different.